Movie minute: ‘The Lone Ranger,’ ‘White House Down’

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 14, 2013

‘The Lone Ranger’

“The Lone Ranger” first showing was filled with baby boomers overfed on Merita Bread’s syndicated version of the original television series of the same name.
The landscapes depicted were at times breathtaking, but I didn’t appreciate the impersonation of a native American by Johnny Depp when so many from the reservations could have done that part and been more realistic.
If Kimosabe means wrong brother as hinted not “trusted scout” as originally intended, then Tonto means loose in the head with no connection to Arizona’s Tonto National Forest.
That is the portrait drawn of these television heroes during a time in America where one man is portrayed as making a difference and the concept of the Noble Savage, though offensive brought out the best in tribes long maligned.

‘White House Down’

“White House Down” is a replay of “Olympus Has Fallen.”
“White House Down” blames the military industrial complex minion’s for the nation’s woes and control of politics at all levels, whereas “Olympus Has Fallen” targets the Koreans.
One has the feeling that “White House Down” is a tacit attempt to endorse the foreign policy directions of the current White House.
Both films are entertaining in their own way, but don’t look for any Oscars except maybe for pyrotechnics.

Reviews provided by Salisbury resident Dr. Ada Fisher.