Spencer officers go above and beyond the call of duty

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 12, 2013

SPENCER — Police Chief M.T. James commended four officers this week for what he called “proactive police work” — a recognition awarded when an officer does more than was expected of him in his official capacity.

The commendations were awarded to Master Police Officer Tony Hinson and officers Kenny Lynn Williams, Hunter Mark Shue and James R. Cayer III.

• Hinson received the commendation for his actions when he was off duty July 7. Hinson was driving home from his shift at 3:14 a.m. when he saw a white Ford Mustang on Seventh Street behaving suspiciously.

The Mustang was pulled up next to another car and Hinson turned his personal vehicle around and heard breaking glass. He realized that the driver had broken the windshield of the other car and Hinson called the officer on-duty.

The driver was arrested for DWI and damage to property. Police learned that the driver was also responsible for damaging the windshields of three other vehicles in Spencer, the commendation said.

• On June 17, Williams responded to an unattended death call at Melba Court Apartments. The body had been undiscovered for two weeks and many found the smell nauseating.

Williams volunteered to enter the apartment wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus to check out the scene and take photos of what was then a potential crime scene. Later, he entered the apartment a second time to help place the body in a body bag and onto a stretcher to be transported.

• On May 19, Shue was preparing to patrol the N.C. Transportation Museum. As he approached in his work vehicle, he observed two men pushing a mo-ped. When they saw the car, the suspects fled.

Shue chased one of the suspects down on foot and apprehended him. Shue also obtained warrants that led to the arrest of the other suspect.

Both suspects were charged with larceny of a motorcycle, trespassing, and resist, obstruct, and delay.

• On June 13, Cayer was patrolling on Sixth Street when he noticed a truck dragging cable on the ground behind it. Cayer turned his patrol car around and the truck accelerated. Cayer gave chase.

After a short chase, the truck hit a curb on South Hudson Avenue where it came to a stop. Cayer made a felony stop and the suspect was charged with felony speeding to elude arrest and breaking and entering.

Cayer’s actions prevented the larceny of a four wheeler, the commendation said.