Yesterday: Confederate vets at 50th reunion of Gettysburg in 1913

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 8, 2013

Jane Steinberg of Salisbury furnished this copy of a 1913 photograph taken at the 50th reunion of the Battle of Gettysburg. According to Steinberg, the Civil War veterans were, from left, John Burton Foard, Professor John D. Hodges and W. Henry Hobson. All of the men grew up in Davie County. Foard was Steinberg’s great-grandfather. ‘The Civil War Roster of Davie County, North Carolina,’ written and compiled by Mary Alice M. Hasty and Hazel M. Winfree, says Foard, Hodges and Hobson were all part of Capt. William E. Booe’s Partisan Rangers and the 5th Regiment, N.C. Calvary. They enlisted within a month of each other in 1863. After the war, Hodges attended Trinity College (which became Duke) and graduated from Yale University in 1874. It began a 52-year career in education. He was as a teacher and administrator in Union County, Raleigh and New Bern, before returning to Trinity College as a professor in Greek. He later came back to Davie County, married Sallie A. Thompson and was named Davie County superintendent of schools in 1900. In the ranks of the N.C. Division United Confederate Veterans, Hodges became brigadier general.