Arriving at Yellowstone, Old Faithful

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 1, 2013

Editor’s note: David Freeze is biking coast to coast. His trek started June 10 in Oregon. He’s sending dispatches from the road to be published in the newspaper, at, and on his blog, “Gotta Run” at

This morning started with a 20 mile ride into West Yellowstone. I had three concerns. My tent had not proved worthy, I needed groceries and I was going to see Andy and Meredith Abramson and their family in Yellowstone. Andy is an attorney from Salisbury. They were on vacation and though it seemed like we planned it, our meeting was going to fit both timetables very well.

I got my tent and groceries, then pedaled on into the park. It seemed everyone else was going there, too. My goal was to ride to Old Faithful, and I quickly realized that I had 30 miles of uphill riding to get there. Off I went, riding past some more beautiful scenery, and dealing with lots of cars.

Meredith and her family caught me about 5 miles before Old Faithful. We had a quick reunion and I met her mother and sister as well. On we went to a planned picnic at the famous geyser. We dodged a few rain drops, OK a lot of rain drops, and had a wonderful time.The famous geyser was went off as planned, though Andy Abramson did mention “Wouldn’t it be something if we were here at the one time it doesn’t?”

After leaving the Old Faithful area, I had a dilemma. Yellowstone only allows camping in certain areas, and nearly all their campgrounds were full. I had an option of 40 miles riding after 5 p.m., or about 20 miles over two 8,000 foot mountains. I took the mountainous route and made it to a campground with time to spare. My new tent worked great, though the threat of bears made me wonder where I should put my energy bars and bananas.

Tomorrow is the biggest climb in the park, and it starts the day. I will catch up tomorrow with pictures from both days.

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