3 local officers earn advanced DOJ certifications

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 29, 2013

The N.C. Department of Justice announced advanced certifications for three local law enforcement officers with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office. The officers received advanced certifications through the N.C. Sheriff’s Education and Training Standards Commission, a division of the state justice department.
The following were awarded:

• Detective Clint Mauldin, advanced deputy professional law enforcement certificate.
• Sgt. Audrey Rankin, advanced detention officer professional certificate.
• Deputy Janet Wietbrock, advanced deputy professional law enforcement certificate.
The North Carolina Sheriff’s Education and Training Standards Commission was established in 1983. The purpose of the Commission is to upgrade the capabilities, competence and proficiency of sheriff’s departmental personnel through programs, standards and procedures involving career development.
The advanced deputy and detention officer law enforcement certificate is the highest professional certificate awarded to sheriffs, deputy sheriffs and detention officers in North Carolina. Officers must complete a combination of professional training, relevant education and meet a minimum experience requirements.
Wietbrock has been with the agency since 2004. Mauldin has been with the sheriff’s office for more than six years. Rankin has been employed in the county detention center since 1997.