Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 20, 2013

I see the Rowan County school board has asked county commissioners for a $4.6 million budget increase. This is a very large jump in spending.
It’s time to end discrimination against home schooling, church schooling and private schooling. All county citizens should be entitled to equal education that would be provided by a voucher system.
It’s very unfair for some families to have to pay additional education costs.
I am asking the Rowan County commissioners not to provide any additional funding for the Rowan-Salisbury schools until the board agrees to support the voucher system.
Yes, some of my family members home school their children, and I have seen the extra cost and taxes they pay.
Citizens of Rowan County, this has got to end. Let us do this so all students share an equal footing.
I would like to thank the school board for its hard work in our education system here in Rowan County. I also thank the commissioners for their hard work.
Also, for the record, I support using Jesus’ name in government prayer. He is the creator, and we should be very thankful that we can still pray. Our first president, George Washington, had to pray in the woods. We have a nice meeting room here — let us be thankful.
— Derwood S. Puckett


We, the family of Roxanne Maddry, would like to express our appreciation to her co-workers at F&M Bank for their overwhelming support. F&M Bank offered us a generosity and compassion that helped smooth our way in the face of a very difficult loss. We’d especially like to thank Kathy Allen for her personal concern for Roxanne and our family. Words cannot express our gratitude —­ we will not forget the kindness we have been shown.
— Derric and Joey Maddry