Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This is in response to Elizabeth Cook’ June 16 column “Hunger begins in the checkout line.”
Her statement that “the solution to hunger is for everyone to have a well paying job” is so true. Where are the jobs? Shouldn’t we be making jobs rather than cutting funds and benefits first?
Approximately 70,000 people will lose their unemployment benefits June 30 in North Carolina because of legislation passed by Republicans. Now, some will say the jobless should go back to school, but how can they do that when education is not getting the money it needs? Some will say, get another job. Where? Our government leaders are more interested in satisfying those who gave money to their campaigns than developing a viable job market. People like the governor try to justify cutting income-tax rates for corporations and the rich by saying that corporations will make more money and then hire more people. That would be OK if true, but the truth is the money made goes into their pockets, instead. The trickle-down theory doesn’t work.
Then some will say cutting taxes will bring in the jobs, but corporations are not going to move into an area with under-educated workers. And some say, so what? Well, you heartless politicians, you need to get a good old fashioned “whupping” and be voted out of office.
— Richard Morgan


Congratulations to Smart Start Rowan on its choice of Robert Leslie as executive director.
I’ve known “Bobby” since the 1980s, when we both worked at Food Lion. He was instrumental in recruiting students, including me, for an off-campus program through Appalachian State University that allowed us to use our associate degrees to go for a bachelor’s degree. Even then, he was a leader in education, ramrodding the group through three years of night classes, a few weekends in Boone, and a memorable field trip to Washington, D.C., where we met with Elizabeth Dole who was secretary of Labor at the time. If not for Bobby, I probably wouldn’t have finished my bachelor’s degree.
He’ll do a great job, and I wish him and Smart Start Rowan all the best.
— Pat Watson