Let’s give peace a chance

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 12, 2013

A question for reflection for Salisbury Rowan:
Is it possible to create a culture of peace, or is peace a tired, worn-out, naive idea?
The challenges of today’s culture are very real: polarization in politics, high unemployment, violence in the streets, compounded by the continued threat of terrorists and the increased hostilities in the Middle East. Add to all this the heightened mistrust we seem to have of anyone who has a different religious faith, a different language or a different skin color, and one wonders if peace is ever possible.
Is it futile to wish for, pray for and work for acceptance and understanding of one another? Working for peace may be harder than using force. One may have to be braver. One may have to learn new skills, new ways of thinking and understanding.
The Covenant Community Connection, a sub-group of the Salisbury Rowan Human Relations Council, is dedicated to creating a more harmonious community. We believe it is possible to bring people of our community together to celebrate our differences.
We believe it to be worthwhile to place a peace pole in the ground which proclaims a message of peace in many languages. A peace pole standing as sentinel for this community. A symbol of inspiration for young children who may see that message written in a language of their own heritage or maybe the language of a class mate. We believe it is a valuable experience to share song, dance, prayer and food with diverse members of community.
We are sponsoring our 10th annual Let’s Get Connected Day on May 18 at Frank T. Tadlock South Rowan Library from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Our theme is “One Planet, One Human Family, One Community.” We will dedicate the Seventh Peace Pole for Rowan County.
The environment is heavy with doubt about our future. The planet groans, the human family cries, the community yearns for peace. It is time to celebrate who we are. It is time to pray for a better way to live together. Come join us.

Betty Jo Hardy is chairperson of Covenant Community Connection, sponsor of Let’s Get Connected Day.

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