Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If you love the U.S., you need to start thinking
Let’s see — we have Sean Penn and Danny Glover, who admire the late Chavez; then Robert Redford has made a movie putting a positive spin on the “Weather Underground”; Jada Pinkett Smith admires Angela Davis and says she was just misunderstood. Mr. Obama still seems to get the word terrorist stuck in his throat.
Mr. Obama displays outrage (and rightfully so) at the Sandy Hook School killings but can’t seem to muster up that much anger when it comes to Muslims killing Americans. Now it seems some “free thinking” liberals want to “understand” and get a psychological profile of why the Boston bombers did what they did.
Well, you know what? I don’t want the remaining one “understood” or profiled. He did it because he is evil; whether he was influenced by the elder brother or not, this was evil at work against America. It’s time America woke up and got its head out of the sand.
Whether it is someone from the ’60s radical groups or current haters of America, aren’t we about fed up with our people being murdered?
The surviving brother should have his citizenship revoked. He is not an American any longer. For those of you who may take issue with what I have said here, I pray it won’t be your relative who is murdered or loses a limb the next time.
Hopefully it won’t take that for Americans to wake up.
— Beverly Williamson


The biblical ‘commune’
Regarding R. Howard Andrews’ April 19 letter:
To say that communism is sanctioned (my dictionary defines sanctioned as authoritative permission) is to say that rape, murder, robbery and incest also have God’s permission. Those acts are also mentioned in the Bible. If you read a little further in Acts, chapter 11, you will find that when hard times hit, the disciples had to take up a collection for the church. Bible scholars will tell you that this “commune” was very poor, due to the fact that they did give away everything.
As far as America accepting communism, history shows that is is forced on the populace. An unarmed populace. A road the Democrats seem determined to push America down.
— Jeff Vail