Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 11, 2013

“Bobby felt — me, too — that God had given us this little bit of heaven on earth.”
— Margaret Jones, owner, J&M Florist,
on how she and her late husband regarded their business

“We feel this brings about the opportunity for hope.”
— Jennifer Canipe,

Crosby Scholars Program
executive director in Rowan

“I began to ask if anyone had given them the hope of having a job. Had anyone encouraged them not to drop out of high school, to go to college? Had anyone even said that was a possibility? Week after week, they just said ‘no.’ ”
— Gwin Barr

Crosby Scholars board chair,
on helping young people

“I often like to refer to him as the Hood Seminary Moses, because he has brought it from a mighty long way.”
— Bishop Richard K. Thompson, chair, Hood Seminary Trustees,
On Dr. Albert Aymer, retiring as president

“That’s who we’re targeting in this bill, not the guy who has overstayed his student visa or the guy picking vegetables for us.”
— Rep. Harry Warren,

on targeting immigrants who have committed serious felonies