Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lawmakers should learn from mistake
The Carl Ford and Harry Warren resolution to allow establishment of a state religion has caused embarrassment for not only residents of Rowan County, but also for residents of the state of North Carolina. Apologies for incompetence are not enough, because I think this type of statement can actually affect the economic development of our county. What prospective company would want to relocate in a county that is actually becoming regressive in its policies? I would ask that all our representatives learn from this humiliating incident, and give serious thought to the repercussions of any laws they are considering.
Our founding fathers came to this country to escape religious persecution, but our commissioners are intent on forcing their religion on others. Just have a moment of silence at your meetings, and respect the right of others to worship as they see fit. We have so many needs in this county, and do not need to pay the ACLU, which will win this case.
— Jean McCoy


Put issue to rest
When will the ACLU and all others involved in the prayer controversy start acting, thinking and using their common sense like mature adults? At the present time, all they seem to be doing is bickering as if they were 2-year-old children, and they present themselves as ungodly, hard-hearted individuals.
Fact is, it’s time to permanently put to rest this unnecessary issue about the Board of Commissioners praying in Jesus’ name before meetings. There are urgent county issues that need addressing. Spending time in court over biblical issues shows ungodly conduct among mankind. Arguing and fighting with each other isn’t the wise way to spend what’s left of our lives.
To answer a previous letter writer’s question — “Do you not all pray to God?” — no, not all individuals pray to and worship our real God. The pagan world, by contrast, has many gods that are manmade things. (See Romans 1:23,25.)
God created each individual to be a free moral agent, with a free will and the ability to make opposite choices (either to accept or reject Christ). That decision will determine our eternal destiny.
Whatever religion individuals choose to follow, one day we will all bow our knees in realization of who is the real and only God. Humans and material objects will never take the place of our heavenly God. (1 Timothy 2:5,6.)
Regarding prayer: “I will therefore that man pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting” (1 Timothy 2:8).
— Ellie Mae Lambert


Unhappy with Hagan
Kay Hagan, the supposed simple country girl we sent to Washington from North Carolina, has been corrupted by President Obama and others in D.C.
Just like Obama, she has disrespected our state and its people in ignoring our referendum opposing homosexual marriage. What warped reasons she has are known only to herself.
Furthermore, for some time, she’s straddled the fence on gun control. Since she’s sold her soul to Obama and others in Washington, it’s obvious she’ll sell us out on this also.
It seems Hagan may even be moving to the left of Vice President Biden on this. In a comment that I’m sure shocked many and caused even the mouths of Sarah Brady and David Post to drop open, Biden advocated people arming themselves with double-barrelled shotguns. He said people should fire two shots as a warning if they were “bothered” by someone, regardless of where. How’s that for “responsible” gun ownership from the VP?
Perhaps Hagan needs to hang out with Biden, and he could “smarten” her up.
Criminals don’t get their guns through background checks but through doors and windows.
Additional gun laws make as much sense as cracking down on pharmacies because of crack sales on street corners and back streets.
Obama’s hometown of Chicago, where only cops seemingly have legal pistols, recorded 520 murders last year, with 2,000 people wounded, CBS reported on April 1. How’s that for an April Fool’s joke on the value of gun control?
Two other Democratic senators remarked that they didn’t represent N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and he could find better ways to spend his money than pushing more gun laws. Alas, if we only had such wisdom in our junior senator.
In November 2014, remember to put Hagan out to pasture with Perdue.
— W.F. Owens