Published 12:00 am Friday, April 5, 2013

Bravo for defense of Christian values
I for one am getting tired of the continued attacks on Christianity from the minority of people who seem to be afraid of a portrait of Jesus, prayer before a county meeting or the creed of the Boy Scouts.
Really! These folks are offended by Jesus, a prayer and Boy Scouts! Give me a break. I’m offended by murderers, child molesters, baby killers, thieves and spineless politicians. These are things that should offend a normal person. I am sick and tired of the minority in this country, and county, trying to take the rights away from the vast majority.
First rule of communism, fascism or socialist is get rid of the people’s religion. Then take their guns. After that, you can lead them like sheep to the slaughter. Anyone remember a man named Hitler? America is a great nation blessed by God. If we turn our back on God, then the blessings will go away. Is that too difficult for people to understand?
It is common sense folks! Stand up for Christ and our Christian values. Take back our country before it is too late. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and complain — get involved! Yes, we should pray for our enemies and those that would take our basic freedoms away — however, we must also stand for what is right, good, pure and true. I have been sitting back long enough, and I will no longer be silent as I watch our Christian values erode away in this once great nation. I may not change a single mind but at least I can stand before a just God one day with a clear conscience on this matter.
In closing, I want to thank Rep. Carl Ford for his bold fight for the rights of Christians in this state to no longer be intimidated or silenced by the very few who demand their petty offenses override the majority!
From this day forward I will fight the good fight!
— Ernie Penley


Resolution outrage
Regarding the resolution offered by Representatives Ford and Warren:
I am shocked, outraged and generally mind-blown over your shenanigans this week.
H.J.R. 494 is an embarrassment to this state, to its good and righteous citizens, and most of all, to the people who elected you both in good faith to represent them.
Shame on you both. The First Amendment to this country’s Constitution is a good thing, as history has demonstrated time and time again. You took an oath to the people of this state but implicit in your taking that oath — and in running for office in the first place — was a promise that you would bring your best efforts to the job, that you would uphold the laws of this state and this country — and that you wouldn’t blabber idiocy in an attempt to make the entire state look like idiots, too.
You are not representatives of the Christians in your districts. You are representatives of all the people in your district. Start acting like it, or resign.

— Annie Sisk