Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The very first blender I owned was passed down from my parents.
It had a slight crack up the side but still managed to produce a frosty beverage.
When the crack started to grow, I knew it was time to let it go.
I lived without a blender for about two years until last week when I decided to purchase a tiny, red, single-serve model.
After listening to my co-worker, Shavonne Potts, talk about the amazing smoothies she had been making, I started to get envious.
The first smoothie I tried using the blender was a concoction of frozen strawberries, a fresh banana and ice. It was OK, but nothing phenomenal.
So I decided I’d seek out some advice.
The first stop was Facebook, where I asked Post readers for their suggestions. I received one email from Brian Pfaff.
I visited Brian’s kitchen about a month ago for my series “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Sarah,” so I knew it would be fantastic.
Shavonne gave me a recipe she had tried a couple of times.
Then I took to Pinterest, where I found recipes that included everything from kiwi to watermelon. I picked two smoothies to try from there.
Brian’s smoothie included blueberries, strawberries and a banana.
This was my favorite smoothie because it was so flavorful.
The Greek yogurt gave it a creamy taste and the almond milk made it incredibly smooth.
I actually split this recipe in half because my blender is so small. The original recipe makes enough smoothies for several people.
One word of warning I will provide is that you should probably eat this smoothie immediately. It starts to get a bit murky if you make it and set it aside.
Shavonne warned that I should follow this recipe closely, but I didn’t miss it. I thought it would be tasty to add a little bit more peanut butter, but that taste became overwhelming.
This one also wasn’t as sweet as I expected, but I’m pretty sure that’s my fault. The banana I used was still a bit green. I would suggest using a very ripe banana for this one.
This was the most disappointing smoothie.
I couldn’t really taste the kiwi at all and the banana was, again, not quite ripe enough.
I think this one could be a lot better with about half a banana instead of a whole one. The banana taste was way too overwhelming.
I would also suggest adding more honey if you have a sweet tooth.
This smoothie has been named the Peach Dreamsicle because it taste almost exactly like an orange creamsicle.
Don’t change a thing about this recipe; it’s spot on.
I didn’t use fresh peaches for simplicity’s sake. Instead, I bought canned peaches packed in water.
I doubt there is a major difference, although I admit fresh is usually better.