Salisbury fires second police officer in two days

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 31, 2013

SALISBURY — The Salisbury Police Department fired its second officer in two days – its third in four months – on Thursday.
According to a termination letter signed by Salisbury Police Chief Rory Collins, Bryan Hodgson was fired for violating the department’s reporting, evidence collection and absence from duty policies.
A counterfeit $50 bill was found over the sun visor of Hodgson’s patrol vehicle on Jan. 29, the letter said.
Upon investigation, the department found that Hodgson had recovered the bill on Nov. 8. He had been called to a restaurant to investigate a report that an acquaintance of the staff had paid for food with a counterfeit bill. While there, Hodgson learned that the person had made good on his payment for the food and the change he had received.
According to the termination letter, Hodgson did not complete an incident report, and he did not enter the counterfeit bill into evidence.
“Both of these failures are violations of department policy and cannot be tolerated,” Collins wrote. “Additionally, the failure to submit evidence had the potential to call into question our department’s evidence handling practices and integrity, which is a critical component and function of an effective law enforcement agency.”
The letter also says Hodgson was absent without leave from one mandatory K-9 recertification meeting, and he left early without permission from another K-9 training session after failing to bring his police dog as required.
On Wednesday, the Salisbury Police Department fired former Sgt. Rodney Mahaley, a Special Response Team member and drug investigator.
In a termination letter, Collins said Mahaley was shot with a “simulation round” fired by a subordinate and responded “in a manner that was unbecoming of an officer.”
In January, the department fired former officer Kenny Lane, who challenged his dismissal. Lane said he was fired for raising safety concerns about a Taser training session that involved Mahaley.
But the city upheld the decision. Salisbury City Manager Doug Paris said Lane was insubordinate multiple times, including during that training session, and he made false accusations about the stun gun training.
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