Wild turkey meets its demise in window on Fulton Street

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 29, 2013

Brye Freeman and his wife Eve have quite the story to tell about a strange happening that might seem like something in an Alfred Hitchcock film.

The couple rushed downstairs Thursday morning after hearing a loud crash and discovered a wild turkey dead on their front porch. The house is located at the corner of South Fulton and West Fisher streets (the one with the palmettos).

“When we walked up to the front of the house to see what happened, there was a turkey that had bounced off our window,” Brye said.

The couple saw glass inside their home and the large feathered fowl outside. The bird did not make it.

Brye said the large bird, most commonly seen on the table at Thanksgiving, crashed into two panes of glass.

The bird flew under the Spanish-style porch and up into the window sending glass flying inside the home and onto the covered porch.

The couple at first thought the bird was a vulture.

“Although living in downtown Salisbury, we don’t see too many big birds, so I couldn’t tell you what it was, but apparently it’s a turkey,” he said.

Freeman said he’s seen some unique things living in downtown Salisbury, but this odd incident “might take the cake.”

If the Fulton Street home were set in Bodega Bay, where Alfred Hitchcock filmed the thriller “The Birds,” then perhaps seeing a large bird fly into a window may not be all that strange. In 1963, moviegoers flocked to the iconic Hitchcock film and on Thursday the movie marked 50 years since its March 28 release.

Brye grew up in the home, moved away and returned with his family in early 2006.

Brye joked that if it had been Thanksgiving, a turkey crashing into his window may have been a good omen.

“When I thought it was a vulture, I thought it might be a bad omen — we have our house for sale and it definitely looks like it’s time to move. But it turns out it was a turkey,” he said with a smile.

The turkey may have been early for Thanksgiving, but it will certainly be a nice addition to someone’s holiday meal. Freeman said an employee took the bird home and plans to have it for the family’s Easter Sunday dinner.

The window was repaired later Thursday.