Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 29, 2013

“I can’t take responsibility for doing something I didn’t do, but I can take responsibility for my part that actually led up to it.”
— Reginald Leach,

apologizing to the family of Treasure Feamster, 13, killed in gang crossfire in 2007.

“Being a vacant structure is not a crime.”
— Brian Davis

director, Historic Salisbury Foundation, on regulations for boarded-up houses

“Everything we make we usually eat anyway, so it’s not really an error. It’s just a question of if we like it or not.”
— Jason Manaras,

who regularly cooks meals with his college apartmentmates to save money on food

“I didn’t set out to set the world on fire. There are no exceptions made for females. You meet the same standards as a male.”
— Sara Potts,

first female deputy in Rowan County
“The Museum is at a precarious point. It desperately needs new investment.”
— Petr Spurney,

author of study done on the N.C. Transportation Museum