Thieves grab cash boxes from two Girl Scouts cookie booths

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Two Tucson-area Girl Scout troops were crime victims as thieves ran off with the troops’ cash boxes from cookie sales.
In one case, two women spoke with girls selling cookies outside a grocery store before one woman grabbed the cash box containing about $375. The women fled in a car that had its license plate covered.
In the second case, a man grabbed a box with about $250 from a troop’s table outside a bookstore. He ran off and hopped a nearby fence.
“They decided to steal our money box and they grabbed it and ran and got into a vehicle and drove off,” Micahela Everett, a Girl Scout troop member, told KVOA-TV.
The Arizona Daily Star reports that both thefts took place over the weekend.
“I hope they catch them. That’s ridiculous,” said Don Norton, an avid Girl Scout cookie customer.
Debbie Rich, CEO of Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, said the Girl Scouts will consider what they can do to improve security, possibly including training for different scenarios.
“They want to use their experience to help other girls understand that these kinds of situations happen, not just during the Girl Scout cookie program, but in life,” Rich said.
“I don’t want this to make it the norm of Girl Scouts. I don’t want this to change our program and how girls relate to the public.”