Let’s focus on living for today

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 3, 2013

I waited and I waited to see the snow recently. It did snow off and on most of the day on, but it did not stick, so I was disappointed.
I watched the radar and read countless weather reports that promised snow might be on the way for the early evening.
Late in the afternoon I went outside and took a little walk around the house. Nothing was falling from the sky but I noticed it seemed to be getting dark. The sky looked like a thunderstorm was on the way.
I turned to walk inside and saw a few snowflakes fall in front of me. I stood on my front porch and watched a few more flakes fall. Then, in an instant, the air was swirling with snow.
It was almost a complete whiteout. The ground, roofs, sidewalks and trees were immediately covered in white.
Then came the big surprise, lightning and thunder. We got four good claps of thunder before it ended in less than thirty minutes and we got about an inch of snow too! It was a wild and crazy thirty minutes.
That wasn’t the only interesting thing to fall from the sky this week. I imagine everyone has heard about the meteor over Russia. I have watched many videos of the event and read a number of stories about what happened.
I find the whole thing fascinating, especially after my own experience seeing a fireball last spring.
The one I saw was bright green and didn’t explode like the one over Russia. I read a report that NASA estimates that the explosion was thirty-three times more powerful than the nuclear bomb we dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.
Some people look at these and other world events and become overly concerned about the end of the world.
There is no doubt that in our lifetime we have seen some of the prophecies about the end of time coming true.
I believe that Jesus does not want us to become overly fixated on the end times.
While it is good to study the Book of Revelations and the many end time prophesies, it’s also good to study other topics in the Bible.
Jesus told us that He didn’t know when He was coming back, only that it was soon. To God, soon could be a thousand years. I believe that Jesus would rather that we focused our time and energy on living each day to its fullest, living as if today was our last day here. If we live like that we will be ready for His return.
How do you live each day as if it is our last?
First, we can make God our priority. If we thought we were going to be standing in front of the judgment seat tonight we might live our lives differently. We might pray harder and with more purpose if we knew our end was in sight.
I believe if we thought today was our last day we would let the people who mean the most to us know how much we love and care for them. We would make time for my family and friends. I want my family and friends to know that I am here for them and that I love them. Life is short we need to build relationships and encourage each other.

Doug Creamer teaches marketing at East Davidson High School.