Annual CHAOS concert with singing, dancing coming to Trinity Lutheran

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 3, 2013

LANDIS — Trinity Lutheran Church will host the seventh annual CHAOS Dinner Theater at 6 p.m. March 9 and 4 p.m. March 10.
CHAOS stands for Christians Hyped about Our Savior.
The title of this year’s show is “Remade.”
When you were a child who did you imitate? Who did you act like? Who did you dress up like?
Young people today still dress, speak and model themselves after people they find appealing.
It’s kind of humorous to look back on all the different trends and people we admired, many of us will agree with the comment “What was I thinking”?
The fact is we are constantly changing. Think about your own life, the changes you have made up to this present moment and the fact that there will be more changes as your life goes on.
Our bodies change, our relationships change as well as our outlook on life. Life is constantly in a state of change.
The same is true with our spiritual lives, 2 Corinthians 5:17 says: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”
Christians have been completely remade. We are not simply changed, we as Christians have experienced a complete transformation in Christ. of all that we have done, the choices that we have made and the decisions that we have been placed in, God does not just see all of that when he thinks of us.
He sees the life that he has created for us to live, and he is there right beside us to take us through the valleys of this life, and to the mountaintops that we sometimes find ourselves on, and he is there in the times where things are just neutral.
Every victory, each struggle, all the tears, happiness and even failures are part of our life journey and are the things that God places in our lives to constantly remake us into who he has created us to be. No matter how far God has led you into the wilderness of discontentment and regret, God promises to lead you out into a rich and purpose filled life.
If relationships in your life have been damaged from sin, anger or regret allow God to rebuild them with healing and love from His word.
Allow God to remake you and all the things in your life, it’s something you can’t do, only through Christ can you become remade.
Throughout the show you will see a series of different Christian arts and drama.
The youth will perform their own parody of “Gangnam Style” titled “CHAOS Style” featuring Austin Bell, a sophomore at South Rowan High School singing lyrics about how God has remade each of us.
The middle school youth will perform an interpretative drama titled “Healer” which displays a combination of different miracles that Jesus performed.
Maverick Page, a sixth-grader at China Grove Middle School, will play the role of Jesus.
The high school youth will perform a skit titled “Bleeding Love” featuring Brittany Goodman and Sarah Harrison. These two young ladies use their own personal struggles and testimonies to show how their hearts have been broken and life circumstances have damaged their emotions.
In the midst of all their adversities Jesus was the only thing that was able to restore their joy, mend their heart and remake their lives. Despite what friends and family say to discourage their faith, the girls continue to cling to Jesus.
An entertaining re-enactment of the hit “Sister Act” is sure to be a favorite at our show featuring Connor Henderson, an eighth-grader from Mt. Moriah Lutheran Church.
Along with several other skits including two dramas that were selected as favorites from previous shows are being remade to go along with the theme.
Lauren Beaver will play the lead in the heartfelt storyline that goes along with our dinner theater. Lauren’s journey to restore her relationship with her father will strengthen everyone in their faith while bringing encouragement to everyone that God continues to work in each of our lives even when we feel all alone.
Each student in our youth ministry has used their talents and personal experiences to put together a show that we hope will speak to the hearts of our audience.
My students inspire me each year, by incorporating so much heart and sincerity into the show.
It is beyond rewarding to watch them grow in their spiritual life, connect in the church and share their faith in such unique ways.
CHAOS performs at a number of church and community events throughout the year.
If you are interested in having CHAOS at your event, contact Candice Carter at
The Saturday, March 9 show is currently sold out, but there is a waiting list. If you would like to be placed on the list, email
The encore show will be performed on Sunday, March 10 at 4pm, No reservation or tickets required. Donations will be graciously accepted for the CHAOS Youth.
This is a wonderful event for church youth groups and anyone who would like to join us.
Trinity Lutheran Church is located at 108 West Rice St. Landis,
The South Rowan Lutheran Youth is a joint youth ministry of Lutheran Chapel, St. Enoch Lutheran Church, Mt. Moriah Evangelical Lutheran Church and Trinity Lutheran Church in the South Rowan area.
Middle and high school youth from all four churches participate and they go by the name CHAOS Youth.
Candice Carter has served as the full time youth director for the CHAOS group since 2004.