Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Powerlines in trees create a fire hazard for homeowner
An apology is due the Atwell firefighters who were called out on the night of Jan. 25 in icy weather to respond to a tree fire caused by electrical wires falling into my trees.
To make matters worse, this shouldn’t have happened, as I called the power company one year ago, the morning after firemen spent over two hours at my home due to a fire in trees next to my garage and near a barn in an adjoining neighbor’s yard. No one ever came out to trim the trees.
Then, a couple of months ago, I called the power company urging them to check the power lines in my yard. The gentleman was very nice, asked questions and gave me a confirmation number for his work order. He told me someone would be in touch with me within two weeks. They never called or corrected the problem.
Now I’ve had fires to the left and to the right of a three-bay garage because they would not respond to my request to have the trees trimmed.
Atwell firemen, I’m extremely sorry that you again spent your Friday late evening hours in my yard. I missed this fire but I should have been serving you hot chocolate and coffee while you waited on a power company truck to de-activate the electrified tree. Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors who watch my yard and call 911 when they see fire.
We never had to worry about fires in years past, as the trees were always trimmed and wires were free. What happened to this service?
Today, there are still wires in the trees, so when will the Atwell firemen have to return the third time?
Thank you, Atwell, for keeping me safe.
— Wynell Wood

China Grove

Helping kids to feel the music
What a wonderful article (Feb. 18) about Anthony Johnson! As a member of the Elizabeth Maxwell Steele Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to present him with our Community Service Award last May.
He is a top-notch educator and shows a great deal of devotion to his students. All of our members were very impressed by him and wish him all the best in his future endeavors with the school system and the Mini Funk Factory Marching Band!
— Leah Campion