Pick a day, enjoy it to the hilt

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 17, 2013

“Pick a day, enjoy it to the hilt.”
That was said by the lovely Audrey Hepburn.
In fact, the whole quote goes something like this: “Pick the day. Enjoy it — to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come.”
I absolutely love this quote, because it’s a great way to live life, don’t you think?
I mean, how exciting to wake up, and just embrace another day. Take it as it comes, be sad if you need to be sad, but only for a minute because with every failure comes brand new possibilities.
I personally prefer to laugh, all the time. Sometimes, I wake up laughing, and have no idea why.
I’ve been told my entire life that I have an unusually high amount of energy and enthusiasm for life, and that I’m always just “happy.” Truth be told, I am.
Sure, we all hit highs and lows, but take a second, and just embrace it, all of it. Pick your favorite things and smile.
Life is good, and if you take it day by day, it’s even better.
Every day offers new challenges, and new wonderful things to try. We get another day, another chance to do something great, or see something new.
How exciting is that?

Life is too beautiful to waste one second not being happy about something.
Of course, there are terrible things happening in the world, and for that I pray.
But doesn’t it feel so wonderful to not sleep until there’s a smile on your face, and you’ve told your loved ones you love them. Going to sleep happy makes for a better night’s sleep.
I am a firm believer in enjoying a day, and at the end of it, being able to say “all is well in my world.”
That way, I can wake up smiling too, and that always starts every day out better. Challenges are faced daily, that’s part of being human, but isn’t it fun to celebrate the good, and actually enjoy every single day, no matter what bad is happening, to the hilt.
Just, enjoy it. Enjoy every room you walk into, and every person you see.
Take something from every experience, and make it a great day. That way, sometimes the bad stuff doesn’t seem so bad.
I tell people all of the time, I spend half my day laughing hysterically — sometimes, at the wrong times.
Isn’t that the key, making sure all is well in your world? By this, I mean doing for others, because making sure all is well in another person’s world, can make you a better person.
Every day is a chance, full of opportunity to do something for someone else. Forget the past and embrace the present.
I have so many friends that hold on to a bad day, a bad grade on a test, a bad choice at work; we all do it.
I have to say though, that by letting go, and learning from a bad day, you can truly embrace the present day, and enjoy it. Where there is bad, there is always good.
So, pick a day, enjoy it to the hilt. Pick a person today, give them a hug, or some encouragement. Maybe then they can enjoy their day too.
Life is a beautiful, confusing, fun journey. Enjoy it, pray hard, and do something everyday that surprises you.
Also, laugh, laugh a lot. Oh, and pray a lot too. It’s good for the soul.

Katie Garner, a graduate of Salisbury High School, works for WBTV News.