Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 15, 2013

“I love it. … There’s no word to describe it, in English or Greek.”
— Nick Georgiou,

Romano’s restaurant owner on reopening after a Dec. 7, 2011, fire

“When I am done redeveloping that block, I’m going to target another.”
— Doug Paris,

Salisbury city manager,
on 300 block of South Main

“We are in for sure.”
— Shawn Campion, Integro VP, On plans to build a $4 million office building downtown

“She’s the kind of person who makes history in a quiet way. She’s not flashy, and she’s not looking for accolades.”
— State Alexander,

Livingstone College PR director, describing Thomasina Paige

“Oh, this is for real. It has been since Day 1. This is no phony.”
— Anthony Welch,

Livingstone basketball forward,
after team went from 12 points down to 12 up against Shaw
“I’ve always felt like herbs and spices were a gift from the first chapters of the Bible.”
Sara Campbell,

on cooking more health-conscious meals