Myrnie demonstrates a way to use the ‘double’ as a cue bid

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mother Nature interfered with our Friday game, so the June Evans award was given on Tuesday.
Of course, it was no surprise as desired. Oh well. Congratulations Dick Brisbin.
Here is a way to use the “double” as a cue bid. By simply doubling an opponent’s conventional responsive bid you tell partner what suit you want him to lead if he has the opening lead and it signals your best suit. Since it appears that your opponents have the majority of points, you are not asking partner to bid, you are giving him some information about your hand to help him to defend against the contract. Example: LHO bids 1NT, partner passes, RHO bids a 2C Stayman or a 2D,2H transfer, then you ‘Double” you are giving partner a lead directing bid telling partner that you want him to lead the suit RHO just bid. Opening leads are often the key to defeating opponent’s contract, thereby putting the score in your column and not theirs.
Winners at the Women’s Club game Tuesday were: First, Dick Brisbin and Steve Moore; second, Anna and David Goff; third, Pat Macon and Judy Gealy.
Todays featured board was played on Tuesday, Jan. 21. Board No. 8: no one vulnerable, West dealer


S K T 9 6 5 4

H Q 4

D 9
C Q 7 6 4

West East
S Q 3 S 8

H 8 3 2 H K J 9 6
D K Q T 8 5 D A J 3 2
C K 5 3 C A J 9 8

S A J 7 2

H A T 7 5

D 7 6 4
C T 2

Dick Brisbin and Loren Parkinson made their 3S South contract for the best N/S score and Gloria Bryant and Myrnie McLaughlin bid a 4D West contract making 5 for the best E/W score.
We welcomed Shirley and Ron Jeffers, and Loren Parkinson to our group. Come and add your name.