Yesterday: Greensboro Woman’s College students in 1901

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 21, 2013

Rick Linker of China Grove says his wife wanted to throw this photograph away, but he looked at it more closely and thought it might hold some interest to historians. ‘It’s over 100 years old,’ he noted. Rowan County historian Mary Jane Fowler (with the aid of architectural historian Davyd Foard Hood) reports that it’s a photograph of Woman’s College of Greensboro students in front of the Foust Building. The back of Linker’s photograph put the date of the photo as 1901. Several of the girls in the picture are wearing sweaters with the year 1904 on their fronts. The photograph’s connection to Salisbury and the McCubbins family (the prominent name on back) is not clear. Linker says he salvaged the framed picture 16 to 17 years ago when he was working in a flooded apartment house basement on South Fulton Street in Salisbury. The picture was stuck away in a dirt crawl space. For years, Linker stored it in a closet until his wife came across it recently. Linker has donated it to the Rowan Museum.