Published 12:00 am Monday, January 21, 2013

The country needs faith of our fathers
A granddaughter and son go to visit their grandfather on Saturday evening. As they sit in his living room he tells a story of World War II, a story that sends goose bumps down his granddaughter’s arm.
He gets out the visitation book from his wife’s funeral and tells the granddaughter, “I know you can sing, so when I die I want you to sing ‘Sweet Hour of Prayer,’ as this is my favorite song, and it was the song I heard after one of my many battles during WW11.”
They say goodbye and kiss goodnight. Sunday morning grandfather and granddaughter and sons goes to church, and as morning worship begins, a special song is sung not once but twice due to to a man in the congregation asking it to be sung twice. This man stands up and testifies to how good our God is through difficult times and then proceeds to walk to front of church (pulpit) and ask, may I sing a song to the pastor? He says the page number and the granddaughter looks to her grandfather and says listen. It was his favorite song that they had talked of the night before. Jesus loves us and shows us through many ways. Our country needs this type of faith. Through Jesus all things are possible because he sits at the Father’s side.
— Sherry Lynn Johnson

Enjoy the scenery
Regarding the “Beauty of the Billboards” letter of Jan. 18:

For those who may not have observed the visual display of arboreal carnage at mile marker 65-66 on I-85, it is not to be missed. Please note, as you view it, the creative touch by the amateur Paul Bunyans (as agents for the owners): i.e. abandoning the detritus from this slaughter insitu in order that future motorists can visually enjoy its continuing decomposition throughout the coming year.
— Bob Trundle

An honest official
In the interest of our county and our schools, I would like to encourage the voters of Rowan County to make every effort possible to attend County Commissioner meetings and those of the School Board. Only then, in my opinion, is it possible to see and hear exactly what is discussed and/or decided and why.
I have read several letters to the editor recently that have attempted to vilify Jim Sides, chairman of the Rowan County Board of Commissioners. Along that line, the Post’s editorials have added to the negative portrayal of Chairman Sides. While he needs no defending, I would like to state that Chairman Sides is one of the most honest and transparent elected officals that I have ever known. You may not always agree with him, but that is your choice. You will always know where he stands on any issue, as he does his homework and always comes down on the side of the taxpayers who elected him.
Again, I would suggest that you get your information directly from the “horse’s mouth” and not from the local newspaper.
— Candy and Bernie Graper