Photographer encourages couples to ask hard questions when choosing their wedding photographer

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 20, 2013

Landis-based photographer Blair Phillips, owner of Blair Phillips Photography, recently shared information about what to ask potential wedding photographers during the Bridal Expo held at the County Club of Salisbury.
“I am trying to educate brides that are coming in on hard questions that they need to ask the photographer,” he said. “Like what do you do if your media card fails, what do you do if it’s partly cloudy on my wedding day, do you know how to combat bright sun?”
Phillips said “you get what you pay for” when it comes to photography.
“There are so many photographers now that have entered the market that pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer,” he said. “Most people nowadays are only interested in price and what I’m trying to do is let people know the standard today is ‘good enough is OK’ and that’s what a lot of photographers are doing.”
Phillips, who has trained for eight years, said couples should be sure to view lots of samples before deciding on a photographer.
“Don’t just look at three or four images of their best work,” he said. “I want to see completed albums that serve as art from the wedding.”
Phillips also suggests inquiring about lighting.
“Ask do you understand additive lighting … during the reception are you going to use the flash on the camera or set up lights?” he said.
Making sure your photographer has mechanisms in place to back up photos of the wedding is another thing Phillips said to check into.
“If the images are corrupt what do you do,” he said. “Most photographers would say don’t worry about that, it’s not going to happen, but with my camera I’ve got two media card slots.”
Phillips said he’s willing to meet with anybody to talk to them about photography.
“The more we can do to educate our clients the better service they’ll receive and the happier they’ll be,” he said. “Make sure that your photographer is experienced enough to be able to work through any situation to give you peace of mind on your wedding day.”

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