Garden-like flowers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pam Morris, owner of The Pink Peony in Salisbury, said the rustic floral arrangements that were trendy last year continue to be a hit.
“Burlap, old jars and tins are still very popular,” she said. “Brides want the real garden-looking flowers like hydrangeas, garden roses and peonies.”
Wildflowers, which Morris pointed out aren’t actually wild because they require care, are also a trendy option.
“A lot of brides are on that path rather than orchids and flowers like that, that used to be so popular,” she said. “They are getting away from those traditions.”
Morris said she can make floral arrangements using just about anything.
Two of her most recent projects include bouquets made with natural elements like cotton and kale.
Those with allergies might want to avoid scented flowers like peonies and lavender, but Morris said most wholesale flowers don’t have a smell anyway because they are grown in greenhouses.
“I try to promote the idea of using locally grown as much as possible, but at this time of year that’s tough,” she said. “During the growing season, there is a pretty wide array of flowers right here.”