Brides go back to basics

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 20, 2013

Brides decked out in natural makeup, statement jewelry and ball gowns are making their way down the aisle this season.
Vendors at the annual Bridal Expo, held recently at the Country Club of Salisbury, share current bridal trends.
Monica Cameron, owner of Bellissima in downtown Salisbury, said the women coming into her bridal shop are interested in a classic look.
“They want to know that, 20 years from now when they look at photographs, that dress will still be relevant,” she said.
Cameron said right now the majority of her customers are shopping for a dress for summer or fall weddings.
“They are looking for natural waistlines and a lot of them have been saying that they want a little jacket or a little shawl,” she said. “I’ve been doing a lot of ball gowns lately; women are looking for a very timeless look.”
During the Fashion Week in New York in October, Cameron said she saw dresses with peplum skirts, which include an oversized ruffle at the waist, and very intricate details.
“There were a lot of beaded dresses and dresses covered in all pearls,” she said.
Interesting floral details, such as a laser-cut floral design over a silk gown, are trendy right now, she said.
Dresses with an illusion neckline adorned with beading were also a runway hit.
“They are really, really beautiful,” she said. “I bought one, and I can’t wait for it to come into the store. It was so gorgeous.”
But Cameron said the runway trends can be a bit more fashion-forward than most brides want.
“Everybody’s different, but they all want to look their best, and they also want to look like themselves,” she said.
Cameron said after a bride decides on a dress, she can play it up with a sash to add a touch of sparkle or a floral embellishment.
Veils can also add to the overall look.
“I think it really is a finishing touch,” Cameron said. “A lot of girls want lace veils. You can do a very simple dress and a very dramatic lace veil.”
Another popular veil has a tiered look.
“It gives you a good pouf, something really substantial,” Cameron said.