Mike Jury: Improving Fibrant’s stability

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SALISBURY — As Fibrant begins its third year, new General Manager Mike Jury will work to make sure the city’s high-speed broadband network is more reliable in 2013.

Hamstrung by several outages this year that angered subscribers and fueled critics, Fibrant has been going through what Jury calls “growing pains.”

A 25-year veteran of the cable industry, Jury said stability is his top goal for Fibrant, which he wants to run like a business, not a municipal utility.

Fibrant has fallen behind revenue and subscriber projections, but Jury and City Manager Doug Paris have switched gears from an original push to sign up large numbers of subscribers quickly to a new strategy of cutting costs. Jury said he has identified nearly $2 million in savings.

At 43, Jury describes himself as a computer geek. The married father of three lives in Charlotte and started his career in the cable industry at age 16, cleaning warehouses in New Jersey. He worked his way up until he was buying and selling telecom companies.

— Emily Ford

Dream date? Jennifer Aniston
If you won the lottery? I would still work. I’d find some really good charities to help people in need and take my family on nice, long vacation to Europe.

Favorite TV show? “Criminal Minds”

Who should play you in a movie? Although Jury’s wife suggested Daniel Craig, Jury said he would choose Bob Saget, former host of American Funniest Videos

Your last meal? Filet mignon, mashed potatoes, corn

Who will you watch in 2013? City Manager Doug Paris and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan

Your biggest challenge in 2013? Continuing to grow the business. We have very interesting, challenging economic times for any business, not just Fibrant.

Your biggest hope for 2013? Stability as a network.

Reaction to being named to watch? Oh please, no! Flattered. Although I will say there are probably more important people who should make this list.