Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 30, 2012

SALISBURY — With all due respect to the rest of the boys’ teams in the 41st annual Moir Christmas Classic, North Rowan and Davie were playing at a much higher level Saturday night.
Not only was the pace extremely high-energy, but the game was conducted for the most part from, well above the rim.
When the championship game ended with a resounding Davie County win 71-46, there seemed to be some other, more abstract forces at work. Perhaps it was the two sets of highly skilled twins, the Martins and the Hatfields, that lead the War Eagle attack. It has been said that twins have telepathic abilities to read each others thoughts. For the 11-1 Davie squad, it is a skill that is obviously contagious.
“We are just fortunate to have such great chemistry with all our guys, winning coacg Mike Absher said. “Everybody believes in everybody else and there is a huge trust factor.”

The ability of the twins and the rest of the team to be successful in anticipating each others moves and position on the floor is a key reason they captured their first Moir title in eight years and also avenged a narrow loss to the Cavaiers in last year’s event.
Point guard Austin Hatfield, one of the twins and the guiding force of the high powered Davie attack, feels like familiarity breeds success for the team.
“It is just playing together over a long period of time and getting to know each others tendencies,” he said. “I have played together with the Martin twins for a while and of course I have played with my brother (Taylor) my whole life. We know what we are going to do and where we are going to be on the court so that definitely helps.”

Tournament MVP Cody Martin, who along with twin Caleb, is headed for N.C. State in the near future, also acknowledges the unique way this Davie team blends together.
“It is amazing how everybody has bonded together, “ Martin noted. “Everybody wants the same thing so we play together and stick together.”
The benefits of being such a cohesive, mind-reading bunch is obvious based on the outcome of the championship battle. Plus it truly meant a lot to the team.
“There is nothing I love more than playing in front of a lot of people and playing against a good team,” Hatfield said.
Absher felt the same way about the chance to perform in front of 3000-plus fans in a charged atmosphere.
“This was truly a championship game in a great setting, “ he said.