Have You Heard?

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 17, 2012

Yes, the latest hearing aid technology provides a multitude of options allowing us to hear better and clearer, while minimizing the pesky background noise so common during holiday family get-togethers.
Hearing aids have improved immensely within the last few years, thanks to advancements in digital signal processing (DSP) technology.  Think of hearing aids as mini-computers automatically analyzing speech, noise and amplifying according to how your audiologist has programmed your hearing devices.  
When programmed properly, the benefit is an improved, natural sound quality, and better control over issues such as background noise. For example:
•  Hearing aids with DSP and noise reduction differentiate between speech and noise, lowering the volume for signals identified as noise while maintaining the volume for speech. This improves overall wearing comfort and helps to improve the quality and understanding of speech.
•  Hearing aids with DSP and communication between the directional microphones from the right hearing aid and the left hearing aid automatically determines the predominate speech source and focuses on that to improve understanding.  This helps to maintain the spatial and timing cues so important for speech understanding. The results are better speech understanding, even in the presence of background noise.
Happy Holidays Are Hearing Holidays
So before you start slicing the holiday ham or trimming the tree, make sure your hearing is clear enough to enjoy and participate in all the festivities to the fullest.  By taking advantage of the latest in digital processing technology, you will be ready to enjoy the holiday get-togethers even in the presence of pesky background noise.
Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy holiday season.
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Dr. Lorin S. Oden is a Board Certified Audiologist at Hearing Lifestyles, LLC located at 464 Jake Alexander Blvd., West, Salisbury, NC  28147.