Nagy takes new job in Charlotte directing age management practice

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 16, 2012

SALISBURY — Dr. Christopher Nagy has been appointed chief medical officer of Cenegenics Carolinas in Charlotte.
Nagy will leave his longtime position at Salisbury Orthopaedic Associates to take the new job.
Cenegenics is one of the leading age-management medical practices in the United States. Based in Charleston, S.C., the practice has expanded to Charlotte.
In his role as chief medical officer, Nagy will direct the Charlotte center. He will formulate comprehensive lifestyle programs for clients, using the latest research, tools and studies.
After clients complete extensive testing, Nagy and his team will recommend a healthy aging program including nutritional advice, a personalized exercise program, supplement recommendations and hormone therapy when indicated.
“I am thrilled to partner with an organization that allows me to help patients age in a healthy way throughout their lives, rather than providing them with the traditional and often ineffective way of dealing with chronic disease,” Nagy said. “As far as I’m concerned, Cenegenics is ‘the’ organization for achieving health and wellness over the long term.”
Nagy already has been working in the developing field of age management. In 2010, he founded Your Personal Wellness Center, a medical practice at Salisbury Orthopaedic Associates that provides guidance and direction for healthy living, primarily through bioidentical hormone replacement and optimization.