North Rowan High receives state award for progress in digital learning

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 13, 2012

North Rowan High School is among one of the top 10 schools or districts in the state being recognized for its progress in digital learning.
The school is the winner of the inaugural North Carolina Innovator in Digital Learning Award.
“I could not be more proud, excited and thrilled for our district and North Rowan High School,” said Superintendent Dr. Judy Grissom. “Although this recognition is for the technology program at North Rowan High School, it is an honor that we share this celebration across the district highlighting what is being accomplished in our schools.”
Gov. Bev Perdue and first gentleman Robert Eaves hosted a reception at the Executive Mansion in Raleigh on Dec. 5 honoring the state recognitions.  
“Your school’s use of classroom technology helps ensure that every student has the best possible learning experience and that our state will continue to grow, prosper and thrive,” Perdue said in an award letter received by the district. “Your achievement is a model for digital learning and is also being highlighted by the North Carolina State Board of Education and as part of First Gentleman Bob Eaves’s Celebrate NC.”
Perdue invited charter schools, districts and individual schools across North Carolina to submit self- nominations in August demonstrating their innovative use of technology and digital learning. Representatives from the North Carolina eLearning Commission and local school districts reviewed the submissions.
“The 1:1 technology integration program empowers North Rowan High students and teachers to overcome barriers related to socio-economic differences, and issues of access to worldwide information,” said North Rowan Principal Darrell McDowell. “1:1 technology integration has provided numerous tools and resources for increasing student learning and individual confidence in their learning.”  
McDowell said the gaps that once existed between students, teachers and schools have narrowed because of increased access to information provided by 1:1 technology integration.
“Technology tools inspire excitement, confidence, ambition and hope in teaching and learning,” he said.
North Rowan High School’s performance data confirms the importance of technology integration as a tool for enhancing the learning process.
Students have daily access to 1:1 technology resources and unlimited opportunities for discovery within their individual subject areas.  
Access to 1:1 technology tools give all students the chance to minimize a wide variety of individual differences that once limited their progress educationally.
“The concern is no longer about whether or not students need to learn about how to use technology, it’s about what they will lose if they don’t learn to use it,” McDowell said.