Grinch steals Christmas Little girl’s presents taken from Standish Street apartment

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SALISBURY — With two weeks until Christmas, Carrie Lynn hopes she will be able to replace a child’s presents stolen Friday by a real-life Grinch.
When Lynn arrived at her apartment at Solid Rock Townhomes on Standish Street sometime after 6 p.m. she discovered someone had broken in and taken Christmas gifts she’d hidden in a closet. The presents were for her 6-year-old daughter Krishauna.
Lynn, who lives on a fixed income, bought her daughter three gifts — a newborn baby, two twin dolls and a Dora the Explorer kit. It was all the little girl would receive.
Krishauna at first didn’t know why the police were at her home, but overheard her mother talking about the theft.
“She said, ‘Mama I’m not going to get nothing for Christmas,’ ” Lynn said.
She promised her daughter Santa would not disappoint her. Lynn said she hopes family will lend her the money to replace the gifts.
The thief also took a DVD player Lynn had sitting on her coffee table. Lynn said it appears the thief also helped himself to some fruit cocktail she had in the refrigerator. No other items were taken, she said.
She contacted the Salisbury Police Department to report the crime. She doesn’t have a home phone so she went to a friend’s house in the neighborhood to call authorities.
She just moved into the apartment this month and is scared to stay in the home.
“I was kind of shook up. I didn’t feel comfortable staying the night after the break-in,” she said.
Lynn said it’s unclear how the thief got into her home.
Lynn admits that although she locked the door that day, she didn’t secure the deadbolt. The door appeared to be dented, but the frame was not damaged.
There are just a few apartments in the complex, located not far from Father’s House of Glory Church.
Despite the break-in, Lynn said she loves her apartment.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 704-639-5245.