Two piano recitals given by students of Brown

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 30, 2012

“Hooked on Classics” was the theme for the Fall Piano Recital given by students of Tina Brown of Rockwell on Friday, Nov. 16 in the fellowship hall of Organ Lutheran Church. Students played pieces representing the four Classical Periods of music. During the playing of each piece, photos of the composer were shown as a power point slide show. Pictures of the different keyboards (harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano, square piano and today’s piano) were shown and explained at the recital. The first pianoforte was built by Bartolomeo Cristofori in the early 1700s. The oldest surviving piano (1720) in the world is housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
Baroque Period soloist were: Elisabeth Swinson, Hurst Fowler, Sydney Feriante. A duet was played by Daniel Pell and Ms. Brown
Classical Period solo performers were: Baleigh Trexler, Dave Guo, Makayla Freeman, and Gabi Jolly. Shirley Guo and Ms. Brown played a duet.
Romantic Period pieces were played by Rebecca Agner, Kevin Agner, Shirley Guo, Daniel Pell and Laura Agner.
Contemporary Period performers were: Sydney Feriante, Makayla Freeman and a duet by Dave Guo and Ms. Brown.
The following students shared information about their composer: Elisabeth Swinson (Vivaldi), Sydney Feriante (JS Bach), Baleigh Trexler (Haydn) and Shirley Guo (R. Schumann).
On Saturday, Nov. 17, the piano students of Tina Brown played for the residents at the Lutheran Home in Salisbury. The recital featured hymns, folk songs, popular and classical pieces.
Students performing solos were: Sydney Feriante, Elisabeth Swinson, Makayla Freeman, Gabi Jolly, Kevin Agner, Laura Agner, Marian Hough, Rebecca Agner, Shirley Guo, Baleigh Trexler, Ilya Wang. Duets were played by Elisabeth Swinson, Hurst Fowler, Shirley Guo, and Dave Guo.

World Community Day
The Salisbury-Rowan Unit of Church Women United in NC celebrated World Community Day at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Salisbury with a luncheon program. Welcomes were extended by Jean Lowery, WCD chair, Brenda Venning, SRCWU president, and Annie Bates, president of Trinity Presbyterian Women. Lowery served as facilitator for the nationally produced CWU program and introduced its theme of “Abiding in Community.” Others participating in the program were Gwendolyn Ellis, president elect Lynn Bolick, Area II chair Sarah Byerly, Ecumenical Celebrations chair Montrella Davis, Wellspring chair Genny Reed, as well as Phyllis Thomside, Maggie Reid and Flo Peck.
The Aesop fable “The Lion and the Mouse” was read by vice president elect, Doris Boyd-Brown, illustrating cooperation, the spirit of community and the true meaning of love towards your neighbor, all necessary to ABIDE in community.
Treasurer Tonya Cornelius awarded the attendance banner to First Calvary Baptist Church for having 18 of the 131 persons present. Nominations chair Betty Jo Hardy submitted the nominees for those positions to be filled for 2013-2014.
Ecumenical Action Project chair Manie Richardson supervised the donation of food and winter clothing brought for Rowan Helping Ministries.