Tricks are treats for guys with a day off from school

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ROCKWELL – A half-dozen East Rowan High buddies took advantage of Monday’s day off from school and hit the streets with their bikes and boards. They ended up in front of Hunter White’s house on Lentz Street and took turns rolling, jumping, skidding and flipping the hours away in what turned out to be a raw day for the end of October. The guys – White, Anthony Rozzel, Nathan Leazer, Rodney Rollins, Max Czibere and Ryan Richard – also were trying to catch their stunts on video, something they hoped to post to Facebook later. They said they wished Rockwell could have a skatepark and acknowledged their tools of the trade aren’t always welcome around town. Lentz Street, which is quiet and not heavily traveled, proved to be a good spot Monday to set down their fun box for some “sick” ­- which means cool – moves.