Toi Degree: Advice on taking some of the sugar out of Halloween

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Halloween is only about a week away, which means that millions of trick-or-treaters will ring doorbells across the United States and take home bags overflowing with candy. While there are many concerns that come with the day for the kids they are looking forward getting as much candy as they possibly can. Parents on the other hand are concerned with their child’s safety and still many other parents are concerned not only with safety but also with their child getting too much sugar.
With our current childhood obesity situation, this might be the year you rethink your children’s Halloween candy allotment. There are still ways to keep the fun in the holiday while minimizing the amount of sweets they consume:
First things first before you leave the house for trick-or-treating, talk to your children about why you don’t want them to have a lot of candy so they will understand that less candy is not a punishment. Explain the problems with eating too much sugar in terms they will understand, including concerns about cavities and obesity.
Set a time limit for trick-or-treating. By watching the clock, you will limit the number of houses visited and, therefore, the number of candies collected. As an alternative, you also may limit the number of houses visited or visit just a few neighbors you know well.
At block, home or church parties. Offer other activities such as carving pumpkins, playing games, bobbing for apples and dress up as opposed to gathering candy. This is a great way of you as a parent to have control over what your children are handed to feast on.
At the party. Plan your Halloween party menu with tasty Halloween desserts, Halloween treats, appetizers and drinks that are not only healthy but also spooky, silly to sweet treats, find creative and delicious Halloween food for your party event. Try a few of these suggestions: Yummy Mummy Spinach Dip from Kraft, which is a bread bowl, filled with Spinach Dip, or Cheesy Jack-o’-Lantern a cheese ball in the shape of a Jack-o’-Lantern. These and other spooky treats are sure to make your party a hit.
At school. Some schools may have elected to limit sweet treats in the classroom and ask parents to bring healthier choices. If so opt for fruit or other healthy snack such as: low-fat string cheese, trail mix, graham crackers and chips and salsa. Or you may decide to get away from the usual all together with non-edible Halloween treats such as Halloween-themed pencils, whistles, stickers, erasers and other small knickknacks.
There are many possibilities and if you are in need of new ideas visit these websites for new and fun ideas:
Have a safety and healthy Halloween!!
Brew-Ha-Ha Punch
With lime drink and pineapple juice, this party punch isn’t scary at all-for the kids or the adults. But putting the punch in a second bowl of dry ice gives it that eerie feeling that’s perfect for a spooky party. To get this recipe visit: