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Letters to the editor – Wednesday (10-31-2012)

Blockwork project
makes a difference

The Fulton Heights neighborhood and the residents of the 1000 block of South Fulton Street are so thankful for the amazing transformation of that block on Saturday, during Make a Difference Day. Our sincere thanks to the 75-plus volunteers from across the city and county; to the huge amount of planning and coordination by Lynn Raker and the Community Appearance Commission, to the Post for your great coverage; and to the many people, organizations and companies who donated time, money, materials and expertise to this project. This will be an ongoing source of pride for businesses like Cut Up & Dye, Mambo Grill and Ibiza Deli and for all who reside there, walk there or drive there. Thank you!

— Dottie Hoy
Obama’s successes

I still support Barack Obama because I strongly believe that: (1) We are making reasonable progress in recovering from the deepest economic crisis since the depression, and (2) we cannot afford to go back to the policies and leadership that put us in such a hole. Most of the “facts” espoused recently on these pages about the current situation are not true.

Examples? The “failed stimulus” didn’t fail. It created between 1.5 and 2.5 million jobs, depending on which economic analysis one reads. The “Bush” tax cuts and the unfunded wars of the 2000s contributed to and continue to contribute to the debt several times more than the stimulus and will continue so unless the tax cuts expire. Now we should add trillions in new tax cuts?

Another example: Federal spending has flattened and government employment is lower. Government employment has been slashed so much that it has raised the overall unemployment rate by a full percent. In 2008, Bush, and later Obama, took actions that were simply the best of some very bad options, and we are still living with the fallout. It was necessary to avoid an economic cliff much worse than the fiscal cliff we now face. We have had a very long climb back up. Modern politics at all levels has become a “science of caricature” painting the most heinous picture of an opponent to incite the most base reactions of hate and fear in the electorate.

The money and level of personal vehemence in the 2012 election has raised this assault on the truth and democracy to new levels. We are all worse for this. Every citizen owes it to every other citizen to take the time to study and learn the reality, and vote accordingly. “You may have your own opinion, but not your own facts.”

— Alan K. Menius
New leader needed

Our country is in real trouble under the current administration. The debacle at Benghazi is one of the worse responses to a request for help in our country’s history. The real travesty is the misleading statements that have been given and are still being given to the family of the victims and the American public by the White House.

The bottom line is this: Our ambassador requested help; he requested help on numerous occasions beginning in June 012. He was consistently turned down, and security was reduced in August 2012. During the “terrorist” attack, help was requested and denied. Benghazi is a port city. The United States has numerous sources of aid in this area.

As a Marine, I served aboard ships in the Mediterranean Sea, with the mission of aiding embassies that were in need. There were numerous options for assistance available, including Marines, Seals, Army Special Forces, Air Force, etc. These forces are always on alert in this area and “should” have been put on special alert during the times described by the ambassador as very tense. And by the way, this was Sept 11. One would think that this alone would have been enough reason for a special alert condition.

There is no excuse that can be given to the families and the American public for the poor decisions that were made during this crisis. The truth will never be given by this administration. It is too deceitful. The vice president’s crude remark to the father of one of the victims is a classic example of the lack of class of this administration. The president’s foul mouth during a talk to young adults about Governor Romney’s fiscal plan is another example of the lack of class of this administration. Presidents aren’t “cool”! Presidents aren’t “one of the guys”! Presidents are leaders doing what is best for this country. President Obama is not doing what is best for this country. We need leadership in the presidency.

— Col. Grey Medinger (USMC, retired)

Elect conservatives
My 2012 election year choices of candidates you should vote for if you are a conservative:

For president, Romney/Ryan; governor, McCrory; lieutenant governor, Forest; county commission, Caskey and Pierce; school board, Wagner, Hughes and Cox; N.C. House, Warren and Ford; Congress, Fox, Hudson and Brosch; N.C. Senate, Brock and McIntyre; Supreme Court justice, Newby; Court of Appeals judges, Marty McGee, Robinson and Dillon; District Court judge, Marshall Bicket; and Council of State, straight Republican.

All of these candidates are pro life, pro traditional marriage and pro Second Amendment. They support less taxes, less spending, more jobs and freedom. So please give them your vote on Nov. 6.

— Mac Butner
Battermann for 77th

?In these days of political gridlock, we may all agree that we must find ways to work together. Bill Battermann is uniquely qualified to heal differences and to find solutions that will bring the greatest good to the citizens of the new N.C. House 77th District.

Throughout his 40-year ministry in the Lutheran church, he has lived a mission of faith and hope, not fear. He has built harmonious congregations who work together for good.

He combines compassion with wit and addresses problems with sensitivity and tact. His sermons are profound.

As an ardent student and professor of religion, ethics and philosophy, he is trained to analyze all sides of ideas and issues. He will understand each problem in its complexity and then vote for the best solution. Independent voters should note this.

Having worked hard to obtain an outstanding education himself, he is committed to achieving quality education for all the children of our district.

His lifelong interest in economics and history has taught him that the best industries with the best jobs will only locate where there are excellent schools.

Bill’s wide-ranging interests will reflect positively on our district. He speaks many languages; he gives free flute concerts; he reads constantly for the latest ideas; he works to bring relief to the mentally ill. He will make good friends for us in Raleigh.

Bill has run an elegant campaign with a frugality indicative of the church budgets he has balanced. He has not accepted funds from the Democratic Party, nor from wealthy ideologues from other counties. He is free to vote his own considerable mind for what is best for N.C. House District 77.

Please vote for Bill Battermann.

— Lillian Gascoigne
Obama’s offenses

I was very impressed with several letters in the Post recently by Bob Phillips, Dr. Ada Fisher and Kelly Stuard-Will. Let me add some troublesome events not mentioned. After being invited to speak at the National Day of Prayer two years ago, Rev. Franklin Graham ended up praying on the sidewalk instead. He was told he might offend Muslims, and that in itself offends me. Iran’s President has been treated royally while Israel’s president was left sitting alone on stage as the other two exited. Obviously our president has no use for Israel, even though he told a story about visiting there when Governor Romney spoke of Israel during the debate. Our government sends millions of taxpayer dollars to Pakistan. We’re giving weapons to Syrian rebels that are ending up in the hands of jihadists and al-Qaida groups operating in Syria.

Even Democrats must surely be aware that the administration ignored calls for help in Libya and it resulted in the deaths of four very intelligent and caring men. Mr. Obama’s father abandoned him when born, and now he is trying to live the life of his anti-colonialist Muslim father who wanted to see the entire world under socialism, perhaps even communism. Our president acts more like a dictator than an American leader. His friends like Bill Ayers, Van Jones and Frank Marshall speak volumes.

There were letters from someone in Washington (state) telling people that they’re ineligible to vote. Mr. Obama has pushed the blame for the Fort Hood killings, “Fast and Furious” and now Benghazi on others until people let it die down. He has never taken the blame for anything. Talk is cheap, Mr. President, but the American people are much more aware and smarter than you can ever comprehend.

In America, we worship God, not Allah. We do not want shariah and jihadism in our country, Mr. President.

— Doloris Pender
Judicial excellence

I am writing on behalf of the honorable Martin B. (Marty) McGee, current District Court judge in Cabarrus County and a candidate for the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

I wish to express my public endorsement of Judge McGee. I have had the pleasure of trying a number of criminal and civil trials in front of him, and he is one of the finest and most qualified judges before whom I have ever appeared. Judge McGee is highly intelligent, learned in the law, courteous and a master of our craft. Fair and patient to all who appear in front of him, Judge McGee exemplifies judicial temperance and integrity while maintaining order and dignity in the courtroom.

I ask for your endorsement of Judge McGee in his candidacy for the North Carolina Court of Appeals. The citizens of North Carolina would receive a great benefit.

— James A. Davis
Re-elect Kissell

As the mother of a corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps, I want to ask everyone to go out and vote. This is an important election. I’ll be casting my vote for Rep. Larry Kissell (8th Congressional District). I trust him. He has shown judgment, a willingness to listen to the people and to do the right thing. I hope I’ll be seeing you at the polls.

— Dolores Cuccaro
McIntyre for Senate

For nine years, I have represented the citizens of the 76th House District in Raleigh. And now, after redistricting, nine of my precincts have been moved into the new Senate District 25. For the residents who live in Barnhardt Mill, Bostian Crossroads, China Grove, Rock Grove, Morgan I, Morgan II, Rockwell, Gold Knob and Bostian School, I am writing to endorse a candidate I believe will be an asset for the citizens of Rowan County in Raleigh. That person is Gene McIntyre.

This county needs someone who understands what it takes to help businesses grow and to be a steward of taxpayers’ dollars. Gene McIntyre has been a public servant his entire life, serving in the classroom 33 years and 13 years as a county commissioner.

During the last session, the General Assembly took positive steps in making our state more business friendly and more competitive for jobs. We need to continue that course. We need a legislator who believes in fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and less burdensome regulations on businesses.

Gene has the experience of limiting government spending and approving budgets as a county commissioner. I know Gene will be a hard worker and an advocate for Rowan County’s citizens. I ask you to support him in this year’s election.

— Rep. Fred Steen


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