Letters to the editor – Thursday (10-11-2012)

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 12, 2012

Service Above Self program recognizes youth volunteers
        Once again I want to urge everyone to help the Service Above Self program recognize young people who have given of themselves to help others in our community. Last year, Rowan Rotary Club and Rowan County United Way recognized more than 283 individuals and groups for the volunteer service they provided to our community, totaling over 19,421 hours.
There are so many individuals and groups in Rowan County who volunteer without asking for any compensation. Through Service Above Self, young people ranging from 5 to 18 years old are eligible for recognition, as well as groups. Any individual or group performing worthy acts of kindness for others will be recognized if nominated, and they could even win money to further benefit their work!
The last day to submit nominations this year is Nov. 15. Judges will then choose three winners from the following categories: Individuals and groups in K-5, middle school and high school. All will be recognized at a ceremony on Dec. 6 at Keppel Auditorium.
We often hear about the negative things that happen in our community. We should focus our attention on the positive things youth do around us. You can submit nominations through our website, www.rowanserviceaboveself.com; or paper nomination forms are being accepted and can be acquired by calling the Rowan County United Way Office at 704-633-1802 (Jackie Harris or Kshari Ellis).
I challenge you to recognize our great youth in Rowan County. Encourage your family, friends, fellow co-workers and church members to nominate a child or group today!
– Dr. Jerry Chandler

Where are GOP solutions?
 Republican/Tea Party, one and all: You have made it abundantly clear that you dislike our current president in your vitriolic letters. They sound like you have unripe persimmons, cumquats and strong bile on your cereal each morning for breakfast. What I have not seen is what you have done for the country in the last four, eight and 12 years that should make anyone want to vote for your party. If all you have to offer is to groan and moan, it is time to cut your losses and come back when you have something that will help this great country.
– Donald C. Tracy

Back to work at GM
 Regarding Bruce La Rue’s Oct. 9 letter (“GM jobs increase October Surprise?”):
Mr. La Rue, take it for what it is, 2,000 good paying jobs that will help 2,000 families. I bet if those jobs were offered here in Rowan County, political affiliations would be cast aside in the stampede to get into line. Like Coach Ditka says, “Come on, Bruce.”
– Neil Nurisso

Marsh for School Board
 We would like to endorse Dr. Lynn Marsh as a candidate for the Rowan-Salisbury School Board. A product of the Rowan County schools, she was one of the smartest, most popular and most well-rounded members of her class. She postponed her further education to marry Donnie Marsh and start a family. Then she worked diligently to pursue her doctorate of education. Not only is Lynn a dedicated teacher and principal, she is exactly the kind of person we need and want to be making decisions on important matters for our children. If you want someone who doesn’t care about politics or anything other than providing the best education for our children, please vote for Dr. Lynn Marsh.
– Dr. George and Shirley Everhart
Gold Hill

Baring arms to help vets
 Many thanks to the W.G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center staff that traveled to Granite Quarry on Oct. 9 to administer flu shots to veterans. I believe that this service that the VA provided was another way to show the veterans how much our sacrifices meant to the country. Also, thanks to the town of Granite Quarry for allowing the VA to use the Town Hall.
– Cliff Miller Rockwell

 Endorsement deadline
Letters endorsing candidates in the Nov. 6 election must be received at the Salisbury Post by 5 p.m., Oct. 30.