Meet North's Eugene Coney

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Name: Eugene Coney
School: North Rowan
Sports: Football, wrestling, track
Family: Brothers Kasaun Coney, Raekwon Wynruit, uncle Kenny, cousin Kenyaun, Dad Jerome
Birth date: 9-22-94
Nickname: Mean Gene
Hidden talent: Singing in the shower
Personal motto: Second is the first loser
Favorite restaurant: Golden Corral
Favorite color: Red
Favorite class: Weightlifting
Favorite TV: ESPN
Favorite movie: The Express (the Ernie Davis story)
Favorite team: Ravens
Favorite athlete: Ray Lewis
Favorite musician: Kendrick Lamar
Job: Working at K-Sports
Three words that best describe me: Fun, hard-working, outgoing
Dream date: Megan Fox
Actor starring in the move of my life: Boobie Miles
Biggest rivals: West, Salisbury
Greatest accomplishment: Making varsity in 10th grade
Prized possession: States ring
Career goals: Graduate college, start a family