Stories by the Millstream brings tales to more than 1700

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 28, 2012

R owan Public Library’s 13th Annual Stories by the Millstream Festival at Sloan Park Friday brought the fun of festival storytelling to all of Rowan County’s second graders and teachers. More than 1,700 students, teachers and parents enjoyed the morning at Sloan Park, walking through the park and hearing stories from several of 24 local and regional storytellers – and finishing up in the amphitheater with feature teller, Australian Paul Taylor.
Taylor, an authentic player of Aboriginal percussion and didgeridoo, learned from the last living member of the Wardaman Aboriginal clan in Australia’s Northern Territory, of which he is an honorary member.
Taylor’s lively performance combined Australian storytelling with Aboriginal culture, legends, and instrumental music and songs – all with plenty of participation from the students. All of Rowan’s second graders now know traditional stories from many cultures, including Australia, and even how to call for a friend in the bush – Cooee!!
Taylor also performed for the community at the library on Thursday, Sept. 20.