Blackwelder column: Prune some shrubs now and watch out for naked ladies in the garden

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 21, 2012

By Darrell Blackwelder
For the Salisbury Post
SALISBURY – Many people attending the Rowan County Fair this week had gardening questions and other plant-related inqueries.
Below are a few questions posed from local county fair patrons earlier this week.

Q: My shrubs have grown a bit over the past few summer months. Can I prune them now?

Q: After we had that big rainstorm early this week, our driveway and sidewalks were covered with very large grub worms. What are these and how do we control them
Q: My husband’s ears seemed to perk up when my gardening friend lamented that her “Naked Ladies” were about to bloom in her front yard. I understand that this is some type of flower. Can you tell me more about the flower?
Q: My eggplant I planted early this summer was supposed to be purple. However, our eggplants have turned yellow. What causes them to turn yellow

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