Farmers Market update

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A crisp September morning spent at the Salisbury Farmer’s Market is time well spent. The produce reflects the colors of fall. The fresh flowers are still beautiful and very fresh too. Bright colored zinnias highlighted most of the bouquets I saw being carried away from the market. The arrival of Jack Gill or “Mr. Greens” is a sign that cooler temperatures and hearty foods are coming. He had several bushels of mixed greens last week “with plenty more in the field.”
The first vendor table to catch my eye last Saturday was County Gardens. In spring many people look forward to lettuce bowls for deck and porch. Country Gardens has bowls of a mix of romaine, red and green lettuces which will stay fresh until first frost. They also had several types of herb plants including sage and basil available. These plants will produce well until first frost. The leaves freeze well for use all winter. Lee Ly has plenty of fresh ginger which will give a “pop” to any vegetable or meat dish. It is easy to freeze. Ask Lee about preparing foods with it. She suggested adding a hint of finely chopped ginger to your favorite Italian Salad Dressing. Lee also has baby bok choy, Chinese Broccoli and Malabar Spinach. Miller Farm still has corn, but we all know the season is getting close to the end. Local tomatoes are ripening slowly, too. Other wvendors featured sweet potatoes or yams, mixed greens and apples. Several vendors had new crops of field peas and string beans which they assure me will be available for several weeks.
When I left the market last week, my mind was on making apple sauce to go with pork chops from Wild Turkey Farm or T&D meats. You can accompany your meal with fresh bread and rolls from How Sweet It Is! and the Bread Basket. I am looking forward to seeing new items during the next few weeks.
For the next two Saturdays, several of our vendors will be missing from the market. The Know Your Farms Tour will be held Saturday and Sunday. Our vendors participating are Wild Turkey Farms and T&D Meats. For more information go to This event offers a good chance for you to see working farms, a mushrooms farm and many farm animals. The following week several craft vendors will participate in the Art and Antique Show at Carolina Lily 1377 Kern Carlton Road; for more information go to
The Farmers Market is located in downtown Salisbury at the corner of South Main Street and Bank Street. Visit the Farmers Market on Wednesday and Saturday from 7 a.m. until noon. The market will continue the Wednesday hours through September 26. Beginning in October, the market will be open Saturdays only.
Sue Davis is an Extension Master Gardener Volunteerw.