Shirley Alexander: In celebration of grandchildren

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 10, 2012

What a great day it is when you first look into the eyes of that beautiful baby in your arms. Tears seem to just flow with pride and thoughts of the love that has come into the life that is in your arms. Taking that forward to seeing a granddaughter the first time is just amazing. Since then, how could you deny that sweet thing anything?
Many things have come and gone through our lives together, but the most important are the memories I have made with the first grandchild I had.
When she turned of age to start kindergarten, I wanted to take her on a trip just for her and Granny. A special time we spent together. Well, the week before school started I ask if she would like to go to Dan Nicholas Park and do the rides, paddleboat included, and then the golf course. Well, YES was the answer. We spent time together having fun and going for lunch and shopping.
That was back in 1999. And we have gone to Dan Nicholas Park every year since that time.
Wait, six years later came a grandson from my daughter. Well, the tradition really took off then. The week before school started, I had two grandchildren to spend that last moment of summer with and again, it was such a thrill. The six years difference between Hannah and Alex didn’t bother them. They rode the train, merry-go-round and visited all the animals, including the snakes, where I wanted to stay outside and they wouldn’t let me. The paddleboat was taken over by the two of them and I didn’t have to paddle anymore.
A week before school, I was so proud to see these two children going back to school. I called to ask Alex if he wanted to go to Dan Nicholas and he said, “Of course.”
Then my next call was to Hannah.
“I know you are getting a little older, but would you like to go to the park with Alex and me on Wednesday?”
“Sure,” was the answer. “It’s our tradition.”
Oh, did I mention Alex started sixth grade at Southeast Middle?
And Hannah starts her freshman year at Wingate University in the pharmacy program.
Boy, how proud I am of these two grandchildren of mine.
Do something, or start a tradition with a grandchild and make that memory so sweet for all of you.
This year is the most proud for me. I never thought I would make this day to see the accomplishments these two young people have made. (Alex is the son of Stephanie and Todd Taylor. Hannah is the daughter of David and Cathy Shinn.) Shirley Alexander lives in Salisbury.