Junior firefighters muster

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 9, 2012

The junior firefighters are boys and girls, mostly between ages 14-17. Some are explorer scout units (Kannapolis)15 teams competed in the “5th Annual Miller’s Ferry Jr. Firefighters Muster”
1. Miller’s Ferry Red team (local)
2. Miller’s Ferry Blue team (local)
3. Lake Norman
4. Surf City
5. Kannapolis team #1 (local)
6. Kannapolis Team #2 (local)
7. Miller’s Creek
8. Granite Quarry (local)
9. Clemmons
10. Warren County team #1
11. Warren County team #2
12. Stoney Hill
13. Knightdale
14. Atwell (local)
15. Locke (local)
They competed in 7 events:
1. Turn Out Gear (getting their gear on)
2. Combat Challenge ( like an obstacle course doing firefighter related skills and physical strength)
3. Mystery event
4. Tug of war in fire gear using a hose instead of a rope
5. Bucket Brigade
6. Fly in the “Y”
7. Water Ball battle
Individual Events
Flying the Y
1st place: Miller’s Creek Fire Dept.
2nd place: Stoney Hill Fire Dept.
3rd place: Miller’s Ferry FD (Blue team)
Bucket Brigade
1st place: Knightdale FD
2nd place: Locke FD
3rd place: Lake Norman FD
Turnout Gear Relay
1st place: Warren Co. Team 1
2nd place: Stoney Hill FD
3rd place: Lake Norman FD
Tug O War
1st place: Locke FD
2nd place: Knightdale FD
3rd place: Atwell FD
Water Ball
1st place: Warren Co. Team 1
2nd place: Surf City FD
3rd place : Granite Quarry FD
Junior FF Challenge
1st place: Miller’s Ferry FD (Team Blue)
2nd place: Miller’s Creek FD
3rd place: Kannapolis FD Team 2Mystery Event
1st place: Kannapolis FD team 2
2nd place: Kannapolis FD team 1
3rd place: Atwell FD
Overall Champions
1st place: Lake Norman Fire Dept.
2nd place: Miller’s Ferry FD (Team Blue)
3rd place: Miller’s Creek Fire Dept.
Sportsmanship Award went to Warren Co. FD
Headache Award went to Clemmons FD
Longest Traveled Award went to Surf City FD


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