Two assaulted, one shot during fight at the Bullhole

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 4, 2012

By Nathan Hardin
COOLEEMEE – Two park employees were assaulted and another man was shot twice during a fight between two women near the Cooleemee Riverpark Monday night.
Authorities said the employees arrived at the city-owned park, also known as the Bullhole, about 7:45 p.m. to close the gates.
But shouts and a gathering crowd caught their attention.
Jim Rumley told officers he and James Decess approached the two women, a report said. The two men noted no one was trying to break the fight up.
According to the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office report, it “appeared one of the women was getting the best of the other” and the two employees tried to intervene.
But 32-year-old Jared James Frasier wasn’t having it, authorities said.
“Mr. Frasier ran toward Decess and Rumley and advised them to mind their own business and not to call 911,” the report said.
Rumley told officers he had his cell phone in his hand prior to the demand and had dialed 911, but never pushed the “send” button.
Frasier then got upset, the report said, and ran toward 45-year-old Decess and kicked him in the chest.
Rumley told deputies he reached into the van and grabbed his .38 caliber revolver. He said he fired a warning shot into the air.
The report said Rumley then urged Decess to get into the van with him.
But the warning shot did little to diffuse the situation.
Frasier punched the 70-year-old Rumley in the face, splitting his lip and knocking two teeth out, the report said.
As Rumley lay on the ground, the report said, Frasier told him he was going to “get the gun and kill him.”
Rumley told authorities he fired a shot toward the ground, striking Frasier in the ankle, but the 32-year-old continued to approach.
Rumley later said he wasn’t even sure he had hit him, according to reports.
He then fired a second shot, hitting Frasier just above the knee.
Rowan EMS was called to the scene and Frasier was taken to Rowan Regional Medical Center.
After collecting statements for witnesses, deputies charged Frasier, of Maria Lane, at the hospital with felony assault inflicting serious injury, misdemeanor assault and two counts of misdemeanor communicating threats.
Upon his release, he was taken to Rowan County jail and was released after posting a $1,000 bond.
Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Capt. John Sifford said evidence will also be presented to the District Attorney’s Office to see if additional charges should be filed.
It does not appear Rumley will be charged in the shooting, he said.
“Based on statements collected so far, it appears he acted in self defense,” Sifford said.
The report did not indicate if charges were filed against the two women seen fighting.