Letters to the editor – Wednesday (8-29-2012)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time for Americans to face the facts
Is it time for us to face reality? Until Nov. 6 we will be hearing all kinds of promises to fix our economy, create jobs, improve schools, health care, environment, infrastructure and maybe even spend $61 million to repair the 1,300 cracks in our Washington, D.C., Capitol Building. For sure, there’s a few hundred more cracks in the White House, Congress and Senate that need fixing but the fact is they don’t do much of anything accept go to fundraisers, play golf and take endless vacations on our dime.
All the above are worthwhile ventures, but facts are facts. In education, spending more yields nothing. We’ve spent and spent, with little progress. The dropout rate hasn’t changed in 50 years. We blame teachers, not parents of children or the children who don’t want to learn. Face the fact, you can’t teach those who won’t learn. Let them go, because they’ll go anyway and save the expense of trying to teach them.
Take jobs and welfare. There are jobs, but the fact is, too many perfectly healthy folks don’t want to work; they want to live off government entitlements paid for by hard-working taxpayers. Fact: Remove the entitlements and they’ll either find work or go hungry. Don’t tell me there are no jobs; 11 million illegal aliens are finding them. As for health care, the problem is waste and fraud. Fact: Congress is doing nothing about it. Instead, it created a monster that could bankrupt this country.
Hopefully, on Nov. 6, voters will make the right decisions by electing those who will actually face the facts and deal with them appropriately and restore this nation to the world-class power it used to be.
— Donald Schumacher
What about good jobs?
Regarding “Jobs, jobs, everywhere” (Aug. 27 My Turn):-
The American dream isn’t about:
Driving a truck, when your family’s at home, and you’re on the road, driving that highway alone.
A low paying job, and you can’t afford insurance to pay for the doctor’s bill when you get sick.
Having to work two part-time jobs a day and still coming up short because of the pay.
Going back to school when you can’t afford the bill to pay for the tuition, and you have stomachs to fill.
Joining the Marines, and you’re over 30, because you can’t join them to get down and dirty.
Used to be the American dream was being what you wanted to be and not having to sacrifice in order to have something to eat.
Sure, there are jobs out there — jobs that are part time and only pay minimum wage, and they don’t offer benefits, so you end up working two jobs just to live and still can’t afford health insurance. There are also jobs that require experience and a skill or (CDL) license, or you could join the Marines, as long as you are not over 28. Sure, there are jobs out there, but where are the ones that allow you to live and not just survive?
— Rick Morgan