My Turn: Jobs, jobs, everywhere jobs … But you gotta want one

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 26, 2012

By Ty Cobb Jr.

Recently, I ventured by car north over a thousand miles to attend my 50th college reunion. Semis passed me and I passed them. Since I try to keep pace with America’s economic news, something I observed struck me as “interesting.”
We all understand that people are having trouble getting jobs, but on the back of more than half of the semis’ trailers was an ad seeking drivers. You say you do not know how to drive a semi. I would bet that if the semi companies really need drivers they will train you. But, you have to want a job.
You say the hours are bad, and I might be away from my family for several nights. But, don’t you want to be one who stands up for family and works to provide for them? Many times when I was a young family man, I always said that if I had to, I would “pump gas” to provide for my family. (You see, in Oklahoma we still pumped gas and it was low esteem, low paying job.)
Almost every fast-food restaurant from here to Massachusetts (also went to visit grandchildren) had “Help Wanted” or “Now Hiring” signs on their doors. Bad hours, low pay, low esteem jobs? Most everybody views slackers as low esteem citizens. Clean yourself up, be/act mature, develop a good personality (even if you are acting) and go apply for work at a fast-food establishment.
Low pay keeps you from working there. Be a provider — get a job at two different establishments. I know one Salisbury mom who works two such jobs to assure that her sons get a college education. Could not you do the same to provide for your family?
Low esteem holding you back. Try this. Be the best worker on your shift. No, be the best worker in your restaurant! Did you know that the current president, USA, for McDonald’s corporation was a single mom who started as a cashier in her local McDonald’s?
A Salisbury friend of mine used to work recruiting managers for Wendy’s restaurant chain. He told me it was difficult to find good managers. Maybe, just maybe, there were not enough folks who wanted to work. I do not know. Point is, there are jobs. You just have to want one and be willing to sacrifice a little.
I noted a “help wanted” sign in the window of a South Main Street barber shop wanting barbers and beauticians. Oh, yes, those jobs require a skill. I also saw a piece on television about a California manufacturer who had over 400 job openings, but he could not find folks with the needed skills. So, how does one get the needed skill? Gotta work for it. Check at the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College for starters; try the Internet. May cost a little money, but check on possible government grants or loans-while-learning. One or two of those fast- food restaurant jobs might be the answer to needed funds. Oh … I hope you graduated from high school, as that is a necessary start to further education, and education is the answer to a better life.
None of the above interests you, but you do want to be a provider? You know, the Marines are still “looking for a few good men” (and today a few good women). Other Armed Services are also looking — check out the recruiting station in Salisbury and talk to the recruiters. Work in the Armed Services brings health care, housing, life insurance and food, as well as, pay, retirement possibilities and the honor of serving your country. They also help provide for your family.
A young Rowan County man I know enlisted in the Army, served his three years at Fort Bragg, then used the GI Bill to obtain a business degree at Catawba College. He got a job, and this fall he is running for the Rowan-Salisbury School Board.
Folks, there are jobs out there. Finish high school, groom/train yourself towards a good personal image and charge into the world eager for a job, no matter the starting level. You can make it, but you gotta want it!
Ty Cobb Jr. lives in Rockwell.