Carolina Artists announce EXPO winners

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oils and Acrylics
1st: Connie Peninger, “Splendor of Light”
2nd: Tomie Troxler, “Colors”
3rd: Dennis Mial, “Hats One”
Honorable Mention: Connie Peninger, “Peaceful Reflections”; Dalinda Hodgen, “Chickens on a Wall”; Clyde, Untitled in Ivory Frame.
1st: Mark Brincefield, “Fame”
2nd: Tomie Troxler, “Monarch”
3rd: Carolyn Blackman, “Godley’s Maples”
Honorable Mention: Karen Morgan, “Rose”; Janet Isenhour, “Creek Bed”
Mixed Media
1st: Janet Isenhour “Unto These Hills”
2nd: Carlton Jackson,”Sunflower”
3rd: Stella Isenberg, “The Young Sprinter”
Honorable Mention: Janet Isenhour, “Bright Shiny Faces”
1st: Richard Caudle, “The Attic”
2nd tie: Bill Ward, “From Downtown to Uptown”
2nd tie: David Lamano, “Angel of Chestnut Hill”
3rd: Connie Peninger, “The Meeting Place”
Honorable Mention: Kim Lance, “Survivor”; Ray Carter, “Transit of Venus 2012”; Celeste Ward, “The Storm has Passed”
People’s Choice
Tie: Connie Peninger, “In Memory”
Tie: Clyde, “Sunflowers”