Oinking, cursing lands two men in hot water

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 9, 2012

SALISBURY — Police arrested a “very intoxicated” man who spit at officers and urinated on himself while flinging expletives at police and a magistrate Thursday morning, reports said.
Salisbury Police said 29-year-old Alan Eugene Billings, of Maple Avenue, initially tried to explain the situation to officers after police were called to the area about a disturbance about 2:45 a.m.
But Billings “got upset” quickly, the report said, and began calling officers “murderers” and oinking at them like a pig, a derogatory reference to police.
At several points, the report said, officers tried to get Billings to calm down. He went back into an apartment at one point, but later came out and continued.
Police took him into custody after the 29-year-old yelled, “What are you going to do, feed me? F— you, pig.”
Billings was charged with misdemeanor intoxicated and disruptive and communicating threats against an officer.
Police said once in the car, Billings began screaming, “I will kill you.”
At the police department, Billings was restrained, but began spitting on the floor. Police put a spit mask, like a surgical mask, on him.
He later urinated on himself at the magistrate’s office and yelled, “F— you, magistrate!”
He was placed under a $1,000 bond.
Sheriff’s deputies got a dose of abuse, too. On Tuesday, a Rowan deputy said a 27-year-old began cursing loudly and making derogatory references to police.
Deputy L.R. St. Clair was helping a coworker in a parking lot near the courthouse when a man walked by an yelled, “F— the police. Oink, oink, pig,” according to an arrest report.
The man, later identified as Christopher Fine, of Dixon Street in Lexington, repeated his obscene comment to St. Clair as he watched the deputy walk by the courthouse.
Fine was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.
He was released after posting a $500 bond.